Pilocarpine Eye Drops

Pilocarpine Eye DropsWhat Pilocarpine eye drops are

Pilocarpine drops contain an active ingredient classified as a miotic. You may need to be using Pilocarpine eye drops for the treatment of glaucoma. Since there are other medications of the same kind used for glaucoma, including Lumigan eye drops and Alphagan eye drops, seeing a doctor is important before you buy Pilocarpine eye drops to be sure this is the kind of eye drops you need for the treatment. Your medicine will work by improving the drainage of the fluid from the eyeball by acting on specific receptors in the iris for the size of the pupils to be reduced. That way, its mechanism of action is slightly different from those in other medications for glaucoma. Pilocarpine eye drops can be bought over the internet, where prices are always lower and you can have your medicine delivered to your home without any need to stress your eyes even more getting a prescription and going to the local pharmacy.

Safety precautions

Pilocarpine eye drops can be used only after you have made sure you are going to benefit from the treatment just as expected. You will need to see a doctor to make sure none of the medical issues you have are likely to interfere with your treatment, especially obstruction of the urinary tract, secondary glaucoma, peptic ulcer, heart disease, eye inflammation, asthma, high blood pressure or Parkinson’s disease. There is also a chance Pilocarpine eye drops may interact with corticosteroids, pethidine, anti-cholinergics, anti-histamines or tricyclic antidepressants if you are taking those. You need to think about all those aspects in advance before your first application of Pilocarpine eye drops for your treatment to go exactly as planned.

Important recommendations

Pilocarpine eye drops will have to be used for the specific period recommended. Regular eye exams are recommended to those using Pilocarpine eye drops to avoid any eye problems possible otherwise. Patients with darker eyes may need their Pilocarpine eye drops to be more concentrated than usual, or they may be required to increase the frequency of applications to benefit fully. You should always wash your hands before applying Pilocarpine eye drops to avoid contaminating your eyes or the canister. Any medicine that was opened but expired should be discarded and must never be used for the treatment, because it will not work for your glaucoma and can cause more problems.